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Networking is a valuable tool that can help a small business get better known in the community and grow. Networking events are an opportunity to make connections and expand a network. They provide all attendees a chance to meet other professionals and find new opportunities.

However, networking events can also be daunting, especially when people don’t know what to expect from them or how to prepare for them.

This article will provide some tips on how to prepare for a networking event effectively.

Prepare for the Event

Before going to any networking event, attendees should prepare for the event by having an elevator pitch ready and their business cards printed out. They should also have a few relevant items prepared or updated to take with them such as product samples, brochures, etc.

Preparation also includes research, such as looking up the companies that will be at the event on social media to find out more about what their top executives will be talking about at the event.

Practice Starting Conversations

Sometimes, it is difficult to get a conversation started at networking events. However, with a little rehearsal on what to say when meeting new people before the event, it becomes easier for people to start conversations and make connections.

In order to start conversations, people have to be able to master the art of small talk. This is not easy for analytical people who love deep discussions and they are often left feeling awkward or insecure when interacting with new people. With a little coaching from experienced networks, executives and small business owners can focus on developing their skills at building rapport and business relationships without feeling too self-conscious about it.

Limit Cell Phone Usage

Networking is an essential aspect of any business. It is one of the most important parts of communication that helps to grow businesses and build relationships.

Many people think that carrying their cell phones will help them to network more effectively by making it easier for them to take quick notes, share ideas, or make new connections. However, carrying a cell phone during networking can be a barrier to communication that prevents people from building relationships with new people.

The best way to avoid this issue of alienating people during a conversation is by limiting cell phone usage during a networking event. This allows attendees to focus on connecting with others instead of worrying about staying in touch with others at home or at work through texting or calling.


Networking events are a wonderful opportunity for small businesses to gain recognition and established businesses to grow at a faster rate. Some basic preparation, practicing the art of initiating conversations and participating in small talk, and limiting cell phone usage can help attendees improve their business connections at networking events.